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The FFRandonnée activity report

Publié le 02 octobre 2023

The activity report lists the actions implemented by the Federation’s 3 main sectors:

  • The clubs and committees
  • The routes
  • “Support” and “cross-functional” departments

Each sector participates in setting objectives, which are defined for each 4-year sports Olympiad. All these objectives make up the FFRandonnée Federal Plan, which is approved by the ordinary federal general assembly. These objectives are broken down into actions of various kinds, relating to:

  • Membership, activities, and training for the “clubs – committees” sector,
  • Routes, protection of works and federal labels for the “routes” sector,
  • Digital, communication, relations with other federations and partners, network (support for regional and departmental hiking committees).

Each year, the activity report is presented and voted on by the general assembly.

We invite you to read it. This will give you an overview of the work carried out by all those involved in the Federation each year.

The FFRandonnée 2022 activity report

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