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Publié le 03 octobre 2023

Founded on the 22nd of April 1978, the Fédération française de la randonnée pédestre (FFRandonnée) is a state-approved non-profit association. It has the delegation of the Ministry of Sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the practice of hiking and aqua walking and sets the standards for these activities. It is a member of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) and the European Ramblers Association (ERA). 

With a growing membership over the last 20 years, it ranks 20th out of 103 federations approved by the Ministry of Sport, 3rd among outdoor sports federations and 2nd among "terrestrial" outdoor sports federations.

It is represented by 115 regional and departmental hiking committees, bringing together 3,500 local clubs and associations.

As part of its mission, it develops community life, promotes sports, tourism and leisure activities, encourages the discovery and protection of biodiversity and the environment, supports regional development, and offers activities that preserve well-being and health. It provides access to nature, culture, and the countryside through the paths, and encourages the mixing of populations and generations.

    Its aims and ambitions are to:

    • Organise, develop and promote hiking in all its forms and for everyone: family hikes, sports hikes, backpacking, “Rando Challenges®”, “Randos santé®” (Health Hiking), snowshoeing, endurance walking, Nordic Walking, Aqua Walking,
    • Organise the GR®, GR® de Pays and PR network by creating, waymarking, maintaining, digitising and promoting hiking routes,
    • Represent the interests of hikers and their associations to public authorities,
    • Train activity leaders, trailblazers and data collectors, developers, and community leaders
    • Provide technical support to associations in the organisation of their activities
    • Provide information through its various websites and regular publications: topoguides, the magazine "Passion Rando" and the newsletter "Balises", as well as various thematic newsletters: "digital", "leaders", "activities", etc.
    • Delegate its Tourism Registration to its members, enabling them to offer tourist stays and tours to their members.

    Our values

    The Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre not only respects the laws and regulations that govern it but is also committed to the associative values that have shaped its history. It is dedicated to the public interest. It is committed to sustainable development through its Agenda 21 programme.

    The Federation prohibits all discrimination. It ensures that its members comply with this principle and with the Code of Sports Ethics drawn up by the French National Olympic and Sports Committee.

    The Federation abstains from making or discussing political, philosophical or religious statements.

    These general principles apply to the Federation and its members.

    Key figures*

    245,302 members

    20,000 volunteers, including:

    • 10,000 activity leaders
    • 8,900 official trailblazers and data collectors
    • 12,500 leaders

    115 FFRandonnée committees

    3,500 affiliated clubs

    187,400 km of waymarked routes

    225 topoguides


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