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Bungy Pump

Publié le 02 octobre 2023

Bungy Pump is a new activity at the FFRandonnée. It is a more energetic version of Nordic Walking with a new type of spring-loaded poles.

It is a fast-growing discipline that has really taken off in France in recent years: leisure sport, fitness, shape, and health, this new discipline combines all the benefits you could wish for in a sporting activity.

"It improves walkers' posture, burns more calories and involves almost every muscle in the body! It's a gentle discipline accessible to everyone, and one that has already convinced many French people". – 20 Minutes




The Bungy Pump is a walking stick with a 20 cm pump system and a resistance that can vary from 4 to 10 kg depending on the model. The “Walkathlon” model has a lockable pump system. These poles can be used for many purposes: rehabilitation, health, fitness, hiking, Nordic walking, etc.



The Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre has signed a new partnership with HYDRATECNHIC, the sole French distributor of BUNGY PUMP poles.

Since 2012, Hydratechnic has been managing Bungy Pump - France and is actively involved in developing and distributing the brand and its products. Today, Bungy Pump - France wants to be the technical resource centre available to all enthusiasts.

The FFRandonnée network has a special offer for members, clubs and committees when ordering BUNGY PUMP poles.

  • Members benefit from a 10 % discount on public prices (on the FFRandonnée shop or on the Bungy Pump website).
  • For clubs, 20 % discount on orders of 5 pairs or more.
  • For committees, 30 % discount on orders of 10 pairs or more.

 Go to the FFRandonnée website in the Partners section: https://www.ffrandonnee.fr/la-federation/partenaires/bungy-pump 

Sports development & training

Thanks to its new partner, the Federation intends to provide the conditions that will enable clubs to diversify their activities to the delight of their members. But proposing a new discipline is not easy! To remedy this, the FFRandonnée has thought of everything: training leaders and helping them to prepare the content of their sessions!

To train club activity leaders in this new discipline, the Federation will offer a Bungy Pump training course in conjunction with this new partner. The objective is to enable these new trainers to set up their own training courses. Well-trained activity leaders, ready to explain the discipline with knowledge and mastery, are the key to success!

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