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Endurance hikes and Audax

Publié le 02 octobre 2023


Endurance hikes and Audax® rides are regularity events over long distances at a regulated pace. The Audax Hiking Brevets are official competitions held over distances of 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 or 150 km. They are run in groups on roads, tracks or paths at an average speed of 6 km/h.


In 1904, Henri Desgrange, the father of the Tour de France, introduced a new form of group cycling to France and created the "French Audax". After the success of the first Audax cycling event on 3 April 1904, he immediately thought of applying this formula to walking. The first official Audax walk took place on 26 June 1904, covering a distance of 100 km in less than 21 hours. 64 of the 72 walkers who started made it to the finish line on time, led by three route captains chosen from a host of experienced walkers who were keen to lead the first official Audax walking event. All finishers receive a diploma certifying their achievement and are entitled to wear the French Audax badge, blue enamelled for walkers.

The Audax Club Parisien and then the Union des Audax Français (UAF), founded in 1905 and 1961 respectively, were subsequently entrusted with the technical management of the Audax hikes and regularly organised events of various distances, as well as an exceptional 200 km hike (held every year throughout Europe) and introductory hikes of less than 25 km.

Since 2010, the FFRandonnée and UAF have been working together to promote and develop Audax walking.

Practice conditions

In keeping with the UAF motto “Start together, finish together”, Audax walks are organised in groups. They are led and controlled by experienced leaders - the route captains - who are responsible for maintaining and enforcing a pace of 6km/h. They are also authorised to make all the decisions necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Brevet.

The time limits for completing the various Audax brevets include stops along the route and refreshment points. For example, the 25km and 100km Audax brevets are completed in 5 hours (4 hours 10 minutes walking - 50 minutes of stops) and 20 hours (16 hours 40 minutes walking - 3 hours 20 minutes of stops) respectively. Audax walks are an opportunity to take on a personal challenge and share a convivial moment with other walkers.


  • Sports hiking clothing
  • Light hiking shoes
  • Fluorescent safety vest, day and night
  • Individual lighting for brevets with night section