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Federal plan 2021 - 2028

Publié le 02 octobre 2023

The FFRandonnee Federal Plan 2021-2028 was adopted by the general assembly on April 17, 2021.

The aim of the plan: “Walk, everyone, every day, everywhere!”. For a radiant, attractive, and legitimate federation

The FFRandonnee Federal Plan 2021-2028

Historical background

From 1947 to 1978, the Comité National des Sentiers de Grande Randonnée was a structure designing and creating routes.

From 1970 to the 2010s, the C.N.S.G.R. became a sports federation, creating clubs, training activity leaders, implementing training and the licence... while continuing to manage and develop routes.

At the time, the FFRandonnée defined itself as "standing on its own two feet" - the routes and the activities.

Since 2010, it has further diversified its activities (launching new activities, and implementing the Federal Digital Programme), but it has also taken on major social issues (sedentary lifestyle, ageing population, social cohesion, slow tourism, and health). More recently, it has decided to commit itself to climate change and the ecological transition, particularly through urban walking.

A revival in 2021

As we enter the 2021 era, President Brigitte Soulary and Co-President Madeleine Lebranchu have made a strong commitment to breathe new life into the Federation by 2028, to create a Federation that is more radiant, more attractive and more legitimate. : “Strengthened by new members, new hiking communities, and new digital tools and services, with the common objective of 500,000 members. Strengthened by French people’s enthusiasm for hiking, we hope, after this unprecedented health crisis. Strengthened by its commitment to make France a more sporting nation at the time of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2024 and their heritage. Strengthened by its investment in developing active mobility, especially in urban and peri-urban areas.

Strengthened by its actions in favour of more responsible pedestrian tourism and better protection of the environment and its “stadium”. Strengthened by diversified audiences and practices and a stronger contribution to improving the health of French people and the battle against a sedentary lifestyle. Strengthened by the ever-renewed enthusiasm of its volunteers and its network of clubs and committees across mainland and overseas territory.”

Read the presentation booklet of the federal plan 2021-2028

Plan fédéral 2021 - 2028 FFRandonnée

Make the FFRandonnnée a major player in outdoor sports

  • Develop the stadium
  • Establish the FFRandonnée at the heart of outdoor sports
  • Set up ambitious strategies to extend the influence of the FFRandonnée

Proudly cultivate a shared federal spirit

  • Make the club a driving and innovative level.
  • Promote associative operation in collaboration with the various federal levels
  • Develop formation as a structuration tool

► Make the FFRandonnée a major social player

  • Improve our understanding of changes in social demand for practices and renew the federal (and inter-federal) offer for all.
  • Reassert the FFRandonnée's positioning on major social issues